Cursed Treasure 2


Game description

Welcome to the game Cursed Treasure 2

About the game

Game is set in medieval times when the law did not exist, and those who have had something like a jewel at that time had to keep all available means. The aim of this game is to protect all of your gems that they do not steal “GOOD HEROES” You will win if at least one GEM is saved. The struggle to save their gems will lead to various places. So you start a campaign mission in a Green valley. It will be another mission as they battle for HOLLY MOUNTAIN. On a high mountain forests in ARGANIA in the woods of TANGEWOOD and many of them. One of the most exciting campaign will definitely be on the coast by the sea LAST. Mission can not jump you have to cross a row one after another.

How to play

Tips for this game: Build Towers on the tiles of the corresponding color.
You may build a tower of any type on High Ground. The Shooting range of the tower built on high ground increases by 50%. Try to occupy these advantageous heights at once. You can not build towers on the forest tiles. But there is a way out. Just select the spell and click on the forest. Use cat out spell. After spell you can build a tower.


At the beginning you have three types of towers that you can build upon during the mission.DEN is the first: Hiding behind the walls of the dens, the glorious orcs skillfully hit petty humans with arrows.Second is CRYPT: The Undead Crypt uses the energy of graves. It accumulates up to 3 charges and launches them to the future corpses. And the third is TEMPLE: Demons temples don’t waste time recharging. They burn enemies to bones with fire ray. This is the best weapon. Get gold by destroying enemies and picking up coins. With coins you can buy towers or upgrade them for the better RANGE, RECHARGE and of course DAMAGE. Sometimes enemies drop bottles of mana. If you click on a magic scroll its magic will work on all the nearest enemies. This is a good tip 🙂


At the end of each mission You get one of the following ratings:
GOOD: Just complete the mission.
GREAT: All the gems must remain in the field.
BRILLIANT: Not an enemy has touched a gem
You need to do:
At the end of each third mission you must defeat a BOSS
You must destroy the Boss by all means otherwise he will take all the gems and carry them away.


This game is played only mouse movements

Go have some fun…