Kingdom Rush


Game description

Kingdom Rush is tower defense based game in which your task is to stop waves of enemies to go from point A to point B and in order to do that you need to use towers.

About the game

Each tower have their own ability, some slow the enemies, some deal more damage, some shooting very fast at the enemies. If you are fan of tower defense games that you are the right place because this is right game for you. Your enemies in this game will be goblins, wizards and many other creatures and don’t forget that you have the power to summon the reinforcements when you find yourself in difficult moment but use it careful because you can’t use that ability very often. This is also very challenging game because every next level will be harder than previous one so do your best and show your skills in this Kingdom Rush Game!

How To Play Kingdom Rush Game

Before you release the hordes of enemies you need to build towers, build them wise because latter in the game waves of enemies will be much harder to stop and that is the moment when you need to use tactic. In front of you will be lots of levels that and in each of them your task wil be to stop waves of enemies. Protect your land from the enemy attack, build defensive towers along the road to stop them. In order to beat the level you need to build your towers on the strategic point in order to stop the enemy hordes to go through. In each level you will have four basic types of tower that you can build, Archer Tower that are good with rate of fire, Barracks that is use to block enemies, Mages Guild that provide high damage armor piercing and Artillery that deals damage to the area.


Use your mouse to navigate, build and play.

Conclusion For Kingdom Rush Game

Kingdom Rush Game is one of the most popular tower defense game that will make your day and fill it with fun. Test your tower defense abilities, defend your Kingdom and stop enemies from reaching from point A to point B. If you want challenge and fun this is the game for you. We wish you good luck in defending your Kingdom.