Minecraft Tower Defense 2


Game description

Welcome to the game Minecraft Tower Defence 2

About the game

As you know, the home of our hero Steve HappyVille was destroyed in the first part Minecraft Tower Defense. Now he is forced to go on the path of finding a new home.
Steve went across the sea in search of a new island where they will find their happiness.
In this way it will not be easy, you will help him find the right way.
It will do so by slash their way through the fields. You need to find the right way for our hero.

On the way you will attack a variety of creatures, such as a pack of wolves various tarantula spiders and many other abominations.
Do not worry our hero Steve has a way to defend himself. Tanner trap these creatures to kill them. You’ll have Dispensers, traps, mines.
Will have to carefully choose the right way to put traps on the right spots to defend.

How to play

The game starts with 7 lives, and 250 gold coins to use for the purchase of traps.
How do you manage to kill an enemy you will be receiving additional coins with which you will buy new traps and some of you will also be able to upgrade.
Cactus that comes at the beginning it can not be upgraded. you’re left with a lot of weapons to unlock later in the game. Upgrading your weapons by clicking on it and if you can be upgraded by clicking on the upgrade.


There are two modes of gameplay Minecraft Tower Defense 2 unlike the first part

  • Adventure mode
  • Survival mode
    • Play both mode and you will see some differences.


      Minecraft TD2 has large maps so that you use the keyboard “A” D “S” W “to reveal the entire map.

      Greetings and have fun.