Penguins Attack 4


Game description

You have to defend yourself from these truly incredible animals

About the game

In the game you have 25 lives per level. These statistics are kept in the top right corner next to the heart, which means life
Based on this you should not allow 25 enemies to cross from one side to the other side of the map. As you destroyed the enemy will receive gold coins that you collect hover mouse over them with mouse pointer. For harder destroyed opponents get more gold coins. In the lower right corner shows how these attacks have in each of the missions. In the first mission you have 15 waves of attacks.


Towers you build on the most productive places where they will be most effective..You can upgrade your towers every time you have the coins.
Upgrading towers to get within range of damage to opponents and rate of fire.
First, click on the tower you want to upgrade, and then in the lower right corner click on the upgrade.
The tower can also sell gold coins will then be returned to your bank. You can also destroy and use the tower as a bomb, so you will destroy the enemies that are close.

Choose a right color

You have 4 types of opponents each enemy has a built in resistance to a certain damage type.
Green enemies take less damage from bullets
Blue enemies take less damage from electricity
Red enemies take less damage from fire
Yellow enemies take less damage from bio chemical weapons.

As more and more enemies arrive you will need to keep building up your defense by puting and upgrading more towers
Once you are ready you can begin the battle by clicking the button